110 – Darkman (1990)

He’s dark! He’s a man! He’s Darkman! In 1990, Sam Raimi took a chance on creating an original superhero(?) monster(??) thing(???) for the modern age, and he totally succeeded! It’s “Darkman!” Also, I’m very sick, so I sound like garbage! “Darkman!”

109 – My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

Hey let’s go… talk about “My Neighbor Totoro!” Honestly, what can you say about a nearly perfect film? It is what it is. It’s “My Neighbor Totoro!”

108 – The Fly (1986)

Are you ready to get GLOOPY? It’s the gloopiest film yet: 1986’s “The Fly” by David Cronenberg! I just love this sweet short film and Willow… has her thoughts about it. It’s Canadian! It’s gross! It’s gross and Canadian! It’s “The Fly!”

107 – Castle In The Sky (1986)

Some movies are just a joy to watch and “Castle in the Sky” is one of those movies. Ghibli’s first film, it has all of the hallmarks of Miyazaki’s work to come: pirates, airships, environmental stuff, robits. It’s all there. And, it’s just a dang delight.

106 – Top Gun (1986)

In which Willow and Phil disagree slightly on the merits of this episode’s movie, but do agree that we have no idea what the Rules of Engagement even mean. It’s 1986’s “Top Gun!”

102 – The Thing (1982)

You know what’s a weird movie? “The Thing!” You know what’s a perfect movie? “The Thing!” This week we’re looking at a favorite film of both of ours, John Carpenter’s “The Thing!” What more is there to say? It’s Thing-tastic!

101 – Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982)

All spheres are rock albums but not all rock albums are spheres. If that makes sense to you, welcome to our discussion of Alan Parker’s Roger Waters’s “Pink Floyd: The Wall!” the movie of the stage show of the album of the trauma!