028 – Sullivan’s Travels

Ollie is NOT convinced that they will like “Sullivan’s Travels” BUT . . . well, maybe they do? It’s always hard to tell with teens.


BONUS! – Oscar Talk


Ollie doesn’t care about the Oscars, so this one is really short.

027 – Fantasia!

Image result for fantasia 1940 poster

Oh boy. We’re probably going to get dragged for this one, but we promised to be honest and, honestly, we found this one to be . . . difficult. To get through. It’s 1940’s “Fantasia!” Disney’s first big money loser! And, a favorite of people everywhere. Look, Ollie and I totally get why it’s amazing, but we also get that it’s not always well thought out. Or well paced. Or . . . interesting. I mean, just give it a listen, kay?

BONUS! – The Shape Of Water!


We saw THE SHAPE OF WATER! Here’s our review with no spoilers and then – and don’t worry; we warn you – with a spoiler section!


024 – Modern Times!

Ollie and I are back to talk Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 masterpiece “Modern Times.” Does Ollie like it, though? Is the Little Tramp a bit too much? What’s with the age difference? How do you pronounce “gamin?” Does a chicken make a good funnel? Are we all in love with Paulette Goddard? Find out!

023 – The Raven!

Ollie and I can’t wrap our heads around this one. It’s . . . well it’s not *good* by any stretch of the imagination. It’s 1935’s “The Raven” and it’s got some talent on screen but the talent isn’t doing anything particularly . . . talented. Also, it’s definitely *not* “The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love.”


Frankenstein Part 4 – Loneliness

This week, we bid adieu to Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” by talking a bit about its themes. We also talk about del Toro’s relationship with the text and whether we think it would be a good idea for him to direct an adaptation or just let it go. And then, we reveal that in the next episode, we’ll actually be talking about “The Bride of Frankenstein.” So, whatever.