048 – Black Sunday or The Mask of Satan or Revenge of the Vampires! (1960)

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This episode, Ollie and I get BAVAlous! That makes no sense, but I am leaving it in! Ollie and I watch Mario Bava’s classic witch(?) vampire(?) zombie(?) gothic(?) horror(?) movie(!) “Black Sunday!?


021 – Vampyr!

Let’s get DREAMY! It’s Carl Th. Dreyer’s “Vampyr” and we are stoked! This is the trippiest film we’ve covered so far and we are both surprisingly on board for it. There’s everything in this movie: shadows, giant heads, death by flour . . . vampires? Maybe. Anyway, check it out!

017 – Nosferatu!

Ollie and I continue our exploration of Guillermo del Toro’s “Ecstasy of Influence” with 1922’s “Nosferatu!” It’s an entirely original vampire story that just rips off “Dracula” and gets sued for it. It’s fun!

012 – The Strain!

What’s up with vampires?! Ollie and I talk del Toro’s and Chuck Hogan’s “The Strain.” And, we sure do talk about it. Book. Comic. TV show. We cover the first chunk of the epic(?) tale of humanity’s fight for survival against these del Toro-y whampires!


001 – Cronos!

Ollie and Phil talk about del Toro’s first feature film, “Cronos!” Also, how do you say “Guillermo?” We don’t know. And, we’ll probably never figure it out.