036 – Great Expectations!



One of these days we’ll get back to spooky scary movies with monsters and ghouls, I promise! Until then, however, we’re looking at David Lean’s cinematic classic “Great Expectations” from 1946. Del Toro himself said that Lean’s Dickens adaptations “skate[d] the line between poetry and horror.”

It’s a beautiful film and really the only question I’m seriously left with. WHY IS PIP 40 YEARS OLD?


035 – Dragonwyck!


Ollie and I are delighted to be covering “Dragonwyck” from 1946! IT’s got everything: creepy mansion, damsel in distress, brooding lord, mysterious ghosts – wait. Haven’t we done this one before? Nnnnnnnno? No. It’s “Dragonwyck!”

Twittersode 002 – City Lights (1931)

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In this teeny-tiny Twittersode, I look at Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights!” Did it influence Guillermo del Toro? Uhhhhhhhhhhh, maybe?

028 – Sullivan’s Travels

Ollie is NOT convinced that they will like “Sullivan’s Travels” BUT . . . well, maybe they do? It’s always hard to tell with teens.

027 – Fantasia!

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Oh boy. We’re probably going to get dragged for this one, but we promised to be honest and, honestly, we found this one to be . . . difficult. To get through. It’s 1940’s “Fantasia!” Disney’s first big money loser! And, a favorite of people everywhere. Look, Ollie and I totally get why it’s amazing, but we also get that it’s not always well thought out. Or well paced. Or . . . interesting. I mean, just give it a listen, kay?

018 – Greed!

Ollie and I talk the 4-hour fun-a-thon that is Erich von Stroheim’s “Greed!” It’s got dentistry, finger biting and lots and LOTS of good ol’ fashioned terrible death. Enjoy!