052 – The Innocents! (1961)


You want creepy kids? We got creepy kids! Ollie and I watch 1961’s incredible “The Innocents” based on the Henry James novel and written, in part, by Truman Capote. It’s spooky, gothicy, ghosty and great!


051 – Curse of the Werewolf! (1961)

Image result for curse of the werewolf 1961

This episode, Ollie and I take a look at Hammer’s classic “The Curse of the Werewolf” starring everyone’s favorite problem drinker, Oliver Reed. I say “starring” but Reed doesn’t appear until late in the film and the werewolf doesn’t show up . . . but I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s wolfing time and we are here for it!

Twittersode 011 – The Lady From Shanghai (1947/8)


Look, I’m not qualified to discuss Orson Welles! I don’t have a degree in . . . Wellesian Film History! I don’t get what’s going on in his head! But, a deal’s a deal. So, here’s “The Lady From Shanghai!”

Twittersode 009 – Brute Force (1947)


Ollie is still adjust to life on the inside (of school) and so I’m here to talk about prison films, crime noir, HUAC and a bunch of other things I’m no expert on with 1947’s “Brute Force!”

041 – Creature From the Black Lagoon!


You know what’s nice? To like a movie! And Ollie and I really liked this movie. Sure, we nitpick a bit, but “Creature From the Black Lagoon” is a solid monster flick. Check it out!


039 – Los Olvidados!


Ollie and I delve into the post-surrealistic world of Second Wave Luis Buñel with 1950’s “Los Olvidados!” Along the way, we learn to pronounce Buñuel, get a lesson in Surrealism and debate the pros and cons of a relentlessly bleak narrative. It’s fun!

036 – Great Expectations!



One of these days we’ll get back to spooky scary movies with monsters and ghouls, I promise! Until then, however, we’re looking at David Lean’s cinematic classic “Great Expectations” from 1946. Del Toro himself said that Lean’s Dickens adaptations “skate[d] the line between poetry and horror.”

It’s a beautiful film and really the only question I’m seriously left with. WHY IS PIP 40 YEARS OLD?