005 – Hellboy!

In which Phil and Ollie wend their way through the surprisingly complicated plot of “Hellboy”; Phil promises to not talk a lot about the comic and then repeatedly breaks that promise; and we manage to justify the existence of Agent John . . . Meyers? Is that his name?


Bonus Ep – 02!

Ollie and I talk briefly about the “The Shape of Water” rating, the news of Hellboy’s return to cinemas and finally making it to the exhibit at the MIA.

003 – The Devil’s Backbone!

We’ve got spoops! And also the Spanish Civil War. Or, as they call it in Spain: the Civil War. Funny how that works.

002 – Mimic!

We’ve got bugs! It’s Guillermo del Toro’s big Hollywood breakout! Did it propel him to stardom? Maybe not? But, that’s okay!

001 – Cronos!

Ollie and Phil talk about del Toro’s first feature film, “Cronos!” Also, how do you say “Guillermo?” We don’t know. And, we’ll probably never figure it out.