Twittersode 009 – Brute Force (1947)


Ollie is still adjust to life on the inside (of school) and so I’m here to talk about prison films, crime noir, HUAC and a bunch of other things I’m no expert on with 1947’s “Brute Force!”


Twittersode 008 – The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)


This Twittersode, I’m taking a quick look at “The Best Years of Our Lives” from 1946. Wyler really upped his game with this one.

The original Del Toro tweet is here.

Twittersode 007 – Mrs. Miniver (1942)


I’m here with a new Twittersode, this one about 1942’s propagandastic film “Mrs. Miniver!” It’s got an agenda, and that agenda is DRAMA! I mean, it’s clearly a piece of pro-war propaganda, but it’s also really good!

See Guillermo del Toro’s original tweet here!

Twittersode 006 – L’Atalante (1934)

Image result for l'atalante

This week, Phil is taking a quick peek at Jean Vigo’s 1934 masterpiece, “L’Atalante.” It was his greatest film. It was his lastest film.

Read Guillermo del Toro’s original tweet here.

Twittersode 005 – The Old Dark House (1932)


In this Twittersode, Phil chats about James Whale’s “The Old Dark House” from 1932! It’s a hilarious creep-fest with that James Whale touch. It’s got murder, mystery, monsters, madness and much more!

Del Toro’s original Tweet is here.

Twittersode 004 – Laurel and Hardy’s “The Music Box” (1932)


This Twittersode, Phil takes a look at the classic Laurel and Hardy short “The Music Box” from 1932! It’s short; it’s funny; it’s got a long staircase. What more do you want?

Del Toro’s original Tweet is here.



Twittersode 003 – La Chienne (1931)


This Twittersode, I look at “La Chienne” from 1931. It’s not fun, but it’s really really good.

Guillermo del Toro’s original Tweet is here.