052 – The Innocents! (1961)


You want creepy kids? We got creepy kids! Ollie and I watch 1961’s incredible “The Innocents” based on the Henry James novel and written, in part, by Truman Capote. It’s spooky, gothicy, ghosty and great!


051 – Curse of the Werewolf! (1961)

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This episode, Ollie and I take a look at Hammer’s classic “The Curse of the Werewolf” starring everyone’s favorite problem drinker, Oliver Reed. I say “starring” but Reed doesn’t appear until late in the film and the werewolf doesn’t show up . . . but I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s wolfing time and we are here for it!

050 – Spartacus! (1960)

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This week I’M SPARTACUS! NO, I’M SPARTACUS! No . . . none of us are Spartacus. But, Ollie and I are *watching* Spartacus and it TAKES A WHILE. Because, it’s long. It’s one long movie. Good. But, long.

049 – Circus of Horrors! (1960)

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We’ve officially begun our two-part “Man, Isn’t Plastic Surgery Scary?” series. Plastic surgeons were the worst surgeons, according to filmmakers in the early sixties and “Circus of Horrors” is a prime example of that sentiment. It’s lucky it’s such a great movie!

048 – Black Sunday or The Mask of Satan or Revenge of the Vampires! (1960)

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This episode, Ollie and I get BAVAlous! That makes no sense, but I am leaving it in! Ollie and I watch Mario Bava’s classic witch(?) vampire(?) zombie(?) gothic(?) horror(?) movie(!) “Black Sunday!?

047 – The Seventh Seal! (1957)

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Do you like the beach? Do you like chess? How about Death? GOTCHA! Ollie and I talk death and chess and beaches and the Middle Ages as we tackle “The Seventh Seal!”

046 – The Curse of Frankenstein! (1957)

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It’s about time we got some more of that Monster Man! Ollie and I are back to horror with Hammer’s “The Curse of Frankenstein!” In this movie, Victor IS the monster and the Monster is . . . well, just a monster. BUT. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee together for the first time? Magnificent. Check it out!