046 – The Curse of Frankenstein! (1957)

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It’s about time we got some more of that Monster Man! Ollie and I are back to horror with Hammer’s “The Curse of Frankenstein!” In this movie, Victor IS the monster and the Monster is . . . well, just a monster. BUT. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee together for the first time? Magnificent. Check it out!


BONUS! – 17 Screenplays!

Ollie and I take a moment to talk about Guillermo del Toro’s list of 17 unproduced, yet finished, screenplays!

For the original Tweets by del Toro, click here!

045 – Paths of Glory (1957)!

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Wow, a war picture. About how terrible people are to each other. During war. That sounds like a real treat. Well, it *was* a real treat! At least for me! For Ollie? Maybe not so much. “Paths of Glory” is Stanley Kubrick’s first “Stanley Kubrick” film and, while it’s not the most cheerful thing in the world, it sure is good. Even Ollie can agree with that!

044 – Throne of Blood (1957)!

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Who’s ready for some Akira Kurosawa!? NOT US! Ollie and I sit and chat about “Throne of Blood” a movie that liberally adapted from “MacBeth” but that goes its own way. I liked it a lot. Ollie . . . had thoughts. It’s pretty rad and pretty sad and everyone acts pretty bad. But, it’s a classic!

043 – The Night of the Hunter (1955)!


Ollie and I finally get around to “The Night of the Hunter” which, I’ll be honest, is a profoundly strange movie. We cover a bit of the backstory, a bit of the symbolism and a LOT of the WTFism. It’s great. I mean, it’s really really great.

042 – Godzilla!



In this episode, we get to the amazing and very misunderstood 1954 classic “Godzilla!” It’s not a monster mash! It’s not a cheesy goofy movie! It’s a serious mediation on the devastation wrought upon Japan and the nation’s steady slide into becoming active participants in that devastation. Also, a guy in a lizard suit? Also, a Frankenstein story? It’s a lot! Join us!

Twittersode 011 – The Lady From Shanghai (1947/8)


Look, I’m not qualified to discuss Orson Welles! I don’t have a degree in . . . Wellesian Film History! I don’t get what’s going on in his head! But, a deal’s a deal. So, here’s “The Lady From Shanghai!”