050 – Spartacus! (1960)

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This week I’M SPARTACUS! NO, I’M SPARTACUS! No . . . none of us are Spartacus. But, Ollie and I are *watching* Spartacus and it TAKES A WHILE. Because, it’s long. It’s one long movie. Good. But, long.


Twittersode 004 – Laurel and Hardy’s “The Music Box” (1932)


This Twittersode, Phil takes a look at the classic Laurel and Hardy short “The Music Box” from 1932! It’s short; it’s funny; it’s got a long staircase. What more do you want?

Del Toro’s original Tweet is here.



BONUS! – The Shape Of Water!


We saw THE SHAPE OF WATER! Here’s our review with no spoilers and then – and don’t worry; we warn you – with a spoiler section!


015 – “Trollhunters” and “Trollhunters!”

When is a novel not a novel? When it’s a tv show! Wait, what? Ollie and Phil talk “Trollhunters” and the adaptation “Trollhunters!” But, which is which and what is the other one?


014 – Crimson Peak?!?

It’s an episode within an episode! Incepisode? Ollie and I had a weird conversation the other day about “Crimson Peak” and rather than expose you to the entire thing, we decided to talk about it and play you most(?) of it but not the parts that get a little too hot under the collar. It’s our gift . . . to you.


012 – The Strain!

What’s up with vampires?! Ollie and I talk del Toro’s and Chuck Hogan’s “The Strain.” And, we sure do talk about it. Book. Comic. TV show. We cover the first chunk of the epic(?) tale of humanity’s fight for survival against these del Toro-y whampires!


010 – Pacific Rim!

Let’s talk Mon-stars and Rob’ts! The metal fists are flying and the monsters are a’dyin’ in del Toro’s tribute to Japanese rubber costumes and anime mech-fests, but also there’s an emotional core? And trauma metaphors? And PTSD gets acknowledged? Ollie and I sift through a movie that’s far more complicated than the surface would suggest.